Just so you guys know..... after 3 months of use, I'm REALLY happy with your brake products. Thanks a bunch !!

Norton, Ohio

I installed my new through-drilled and fluted front rotors from you guys on my '03 Toyota 4Runner. I am truly impressed with your workmanship and what went into the zinc process. I've touted your website on several blogs already for folks to solve their brake issues, and shared your site with my buddy, who is dealing with frozen calipers. Well, from what I can tell, you guys are going to grow with satisfied customers; you have pleasant folks answering the phone, you have great products, and from what I can tell, the best prices. Keep it up.

Chandler, Arizona

Thank you soo sooo soooo much for the wonderful customer service you have given to me!  The rotors your team shipped out are the exact one I needed!  You and your company are top notch in my book and if anyone needs any kind of brake parts your company will be the first out of my mouth!   Thank you again!!!!  I will be ordering a set of front rotors and pads for another car that I have this weekend! BRAKE PERFORMANCE!!!!     Thank you again!

Jacksonville, Florida

I just want to say, I purchased a set of performance cross drilled rotors and ceramic pads for my truck both front and rear and I have to say, Brake Performance products are awesome. I know it seem too real for the price but so far, so good. The brakes and pads help my lifted truck with "35" inch wheels slop on the spot. I just bought a second set of pads for my truck (I am sold on their product). You should absolutely get pads and rotors from them, you wont be sorry.

Juneau, Alaska

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