Athena at Brake Performance was awesome. Great customer service and very fast servive.

Chula Vista, California

Front brake rotors. Seems like a good product, my original rotors were bad and when I installed the new one's it was a world of difference so far so good.

Howell, NJ

Good customer service. I've used this company on previous vehicles and the products have been great. This time, however, I got a a set of brake pads that made noise right out of the box. I did everything correctly as far as break in and installation (i.e. made sure new rotors and pads were clean, wire brushed rust from all metallic sliding surfaces, greased slide pins and tabs, greased brake pad shims, etc.) but they still made noise. I contacted customer service twice over the weekend and got a quick response that following Monday. After a talk with their technician the pads were ruled faulty, so I was sent a brand new set that just arrived today (about a week later). I'm a little upset that I have to reinstall new pads, but overall I'm very happy with the way my situation was handled. I'll definitely order my brake parts here again.

Hudson, North Carolina

Great people. The service is great and their deals with free shipping is wonderful. It's nice to find excellent parts made in the US. I won't hesitate to order from them again.

Catlettsburg, Kentucky

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