I ordered front brake rotors for my 2014 Acura RDX. The pricing was a bit less than other suppliers. They were correct for my vehicle and they were shipped and received as stated. I will be contacting Brake Performance for any future brake needs.

Vernon, Connecticut

The shipping is a little slow across the country but the rotors and pads are still the best ones available. Worth the wait. I just put them on my daughter's Honda CRV and no problem whatsoever....easy day.

Hazlet, New Jersey

The Rotors are good quality. The service is great. Looking forward to many years of driving pleasure. thanks.

Mark R
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is my first time installing a set of rotors and pads from Brake Performance (ordered before but didn't install). No issues at all for not being factory equipment, and the specs are very close to factory specs. The only thing I wish was better, at least for my Ford truck, is that the lug holes in the rear rotors be drilled out slightly smaller to prevent the lugs from moving too much even after the wheels are installed and lug nuts tightened down. Also wish that BP would use less of the blue material on the ceramic pads because it was a pain to take all of it off prior to installation. Overall a great experience and very happy with the products as factory replacement.

Derek O
Burleson, Texas

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