A great products that they stand behind. I've purchased rotors and pads for several of my cars and have never been disappointed.

Los Angeles, California

I've used them for a few years, for multiple cars and been pleased every time.

Fontana, California

Outstanding products, friendly, fast, and knowledgeable service; I used their pads and rotors on Buick and now on my Lincoln. Vickie on the phone knows her stuff and gets things done. I recommend this company and their products to all friends AND to my service manager at Lincoln Dealer. Replaced original rotors & pads with Rotors & Pads from Brake Performance to get rid of warping and vibration from OEM rotors (Mexican and Chinese made). The new brakes from Brake Performance run smooth as silk and always stop and slow down with no vibration or fading or grabbing. Especially when I am driving my Lincoln MKS into its performance range. Highly recommend to all friends and family and acquaintances. Vic Smith, PE, US Army, Ret'd


Bought cross drilled rotors for my 2005 Mercedes c230(fronts and rears). The website and shipping info states that there is a left and right side to each. Only the fronts are unidirectional, not the rears. This is nota huge deal, but had I known, i would have sought out rears that were drilled as mirror images so the pattern is in the same direction on each side. No one will ever notice and with the zinc coating they look great

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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