I just wanted to take the time to tell you how great your customer service was for me. I have ordered from you before and love your products. I had my 2003 Jaguar XJR in the shop for repair which included rear brake rotors. The shop had called me and said every rotor they got would not fit my vehicle. I asked if they would mind if i got them myself and they reluctantly agreed. I came straight to your website and was ordering my rotors when it dawned on me. Why would two different orders from other places made by the repair place not be correct. I called tech support and spoke with your tech representative who went way beyond the normal expectations and took the time to research the issue. What he discovered that for some reason my 2003 actually had 2001 year rotors installed. He did a ton of work discovering this and i am currently awaiting my order so my car can get finished. I can't begin to say enough about your tech representative persistence and how thorough he was. I appreciate his effort and you guys rock. I recommend you guys to everyone. Once again thank you.

Freeport, Illinois

I just wanted to say thank you for the help and the great service. I installed the new pads and rotors last night and I already feel and like the difference that it has made. I can't wait for summer to arrive so I can start towing heavy again. Thanks again!

Eagle River, Alaska

I purchased a week ago front and rear the premium dimpled and slotted rotors and front and rear premium semi-metallic pads for my f-150 and installed them the very next day. My truck have better brakes now then when it was new. love\'m , love\'m, love\'m!!! thank you!

Xpsilanti, Michigan

Second time ordering from here, love the last set of rotors I purchased for my truck!

Military, Germany

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