I installed performance dimpled and slotted rotors along with premium semi-metallic pads on the front of my 2002 Infiniti I35. Braking performance is noticeably better than stock, and the rotors look great. There is also a wider control range, and very smooth operation. Brake pedal feel is much more linear and predictable. The order process was pleasant and accurate, and delivery was fast. High quality products at a good price. I will certainly purchase from you again!

Takoma Park, Maryland

love your product very easy to install i wish i had put the dimple slotted rotors on right after i got my new truck much better than factory rotors Thanks

Solsberry, Indiana

Just recently installed my dimpled and slotted rotors and ceramic brake pads on my 2006 Tundra. Don't remember my brakes being this good when I bought my truck new.

Pinella Park, Florida

I am not sure if this is the right department to say "thank you" for a quality product at a fair price. When the parts arrived for my 2003 F350 4X4 I was pleasantly surprised to find the parts better than I expected. To be honest,I originally wanted other companies rotors and pads but money has been tight lately so I was looking for other brands that are less expensive. I am also aware that you get what you pay for so I am always nervous when I need to buy according to price and not brand. I searched the internet, read reviews very carefully, emailed you because I was suspicious that you advertise "machined in the USA". In the end, I decided to take a chance with your company. I opted for the upgraded brake pads and were pleased to see they were quality pads and that a complete hardware package was included. The fit and finish of the parts was perfect. The quality of the dimpled and slotted rotors appears to be top notch. The pads bedded perfectly. No squealing or shaking. I went on a 2 week fishing trip right after installation and the brakes performed flawlessly. I had to make 2 panic stops that I know would have resulted in accidents and possibly a roll over with my old brakes. Roughly a month and 1000 miles later still working great. Only time will tell, but at this point I highly recommend your products and will be using them on the rear of my truck and my other vehicles when the time comes. Sorry for the long email but I wanted other people to know that I am picky about what I buy and anyone else like me can buy your products with confidence. Most reviews were short and "like they went on quick and look great". Quick don't mean diddly and looks don't stop a 7,500 LB diesel truck. Thanks for your time.

Foresthill, California

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