Just installed the new rotors and brake pads..What a difference over ceramic pads that I had been led to believe were better for my truck from another distributor. Thanks for helping choose the proper items for my truck. It will be better when hauling and used as a work truck instead of a daily driver, of which it is used on occasion. I also like that you make the rotors upon receiving the order instead of stock piling them like other parts sources do. !!! 2007 F150 Super Crew Lariat.

Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan

I just wanted to say how very pleased i am with the dimpled and slotted premium rotors i purchased for an 05 Honda Civic about a year and a half ago. They are fantastic. To tell ya, i think they helped save my life. I came to a dead stop from 70mph on an interstate in just seconds, preventing a serious accident. I am convinced that if i had standard rotors, i may not be here today. I will never go back to standard rotors if i can help it. Thanks ya'll!

Portland, Tennessee

Received the rotors and pads on Wednesday and I want to thank all of you not only for the promp service but the incredible quality of all the products! This is the second time I have put your equipment on one of my cars and cannot wait to experience the difference they will make on my BMW. To top it off, you sent me not only the ceramic pads I wanted... but a full set of metallic pads as well. Service, quality and an apparent care for the customer! All my friends in the car sport know about you.

Barrington, Illinois

I had my local motor sports shop put a set of your Performance rotors on my new Camaro. A bunch of other people who saw the rotors LOVED them! I gave them your web address to buy them. I just wanted you to know they are getting a lot of compliments!


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