I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have a 2009 Hyundai Elantra GLS 2.0L 4 cylinder. I drive to and from work everyday. I do not drive fast, I am always looking to increase my mpg and performance. I installed the Premium Dimpled and Slotted Rotors with Premium Ceramic brake pads. They fit perfectly, and have great stopping power. If I am ever in the market for rotors or pads again, I will be shopping here.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I just wanted to say thanks for guiding me to these rotors for my old 89 Caravan LE. I can really tell the change in braking, its noticeable for sure, and I'll make the 200,000 hundred thousand mile club with ALLPAR.com soon with these rotors as an upgrade. I highly suggest these as being everything you told me they were, very pleased with the product.

San Francisco, California

I purchased a pair of front rotors for my 2006 kia Sedona this past May. I got the dimpled and slotted set with the upgraded pads. The installation was a breeze and they performed soo much better than the old OEM set! The original OEM set are made of a softer metal i guess, seems like all the reviews i read suggested everyone suffered from warping. Even worse we lived in Las Vegas and the road heat didn't help. After installing we were on a road trip and were side swiped going down the interstate! I can testify that the new brake set up Literally saved my families life! I was able to slow quick enough and forcefully enough that we weren't squeezed into the cement construction barriers and only suffered minimal front end fender damage!

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was absolutely giddy to find that the dimple drilled slotted rotors I ordered for my 05' 2wd F150 were an upgraded 2 piece design when I opened the boxes! It is quite an upgrade. Thanks for providing a great product at a reasonable price.

Cuba, Illinois

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