I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous product you sent me (Premium Dimple Drilled and Slotted plus ceramic pads). The product exceeded my expectations and after 2 weeks and 1000 miles of usage, I only can thank you for being up to your word (or probably more). There are several people lining up behind me who have suffered from Lexus LS460's and other brands and models bad braking problems. You should expect orders to pour in your system from my area very soon. Your satisfied customer from the other half of the globe, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia

just want to say thank you for the ease of use of your website, quality of product and overall a very pleasant experience

Alpine, Wyoming

I have just installed slotted and dimpled front rotors and ceramic pads all round on my 2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. From the first time I contacted your company with questions the whole buying experience has been an absolute pleasure, and your product is absolute top quality. A special thank you for your very prompt and professional response to my phone calls and emails. I will most certainly recommend your company to all my colleagues and friends...

Lake Park, Florida

Purchased slotted, dimpled rotors, and ceramic pads for my 2007 Infiniti M35x. The silver zinc plating on the rotors highly compliments the Infiniti liquid platinum paint color without going over the top. The stopping performance is noticeably better and both the ride and braking is much quieter. If you own an Infiniti I highly recommend considering this upgrade.

Fairlawn, Ohio

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