Bought Premium Performance Rotors for my wifes 06 Chevy Uplander because Chevy could not provide OEM rotors that would not warp. Have had them on for about 8 months now and NO WARPING. Finally a company who truly makes a product they claim to make.. and one in the USA. Have recently bought rotors for my daughters 99 Camry and plan to buy some for my BMW when they need replacing. PS. Amazed at the stopping speed with these rotors.

Fairview, Oregon

I do not have a question, but i can tell you i have had a 2006 and 2009 Chevrolet HHR, i have a mountain of rotors that a warped, including the original ones, i figured i would never find a solution to my warping problem , until i purchased a set of rotor from you, i have put over 21000 miles since i purchase my car and replaced the rotors with your rotors on it, they are as true today as when i purchased them from you last summer, i ran a dial indicator on them and they are true, no pulsating brake pedal, it stops on a dime, what a difference your product made, thank you

Valparalso, Indiana

I just installed your rotors and pads on my 2004 Dakota, what a difference !! ten times the braking power of standard brakes, great product.

Enfield, Connecticut

Ever since I purchased my truck, brand new, I have experienced a shuttering problem when releasing the brakes. I ordered a set of dimpled and slotted rotors with the extra heavy duty brake pads for my 2004 Ford F150, and want to express how pleased I am with the purchase. The Rotors and pads were a perfect fit right out of the box, and since the installation, the shuttering problem has ceased and my brakes have never performed better. They are quite, squeak free and I do not have to clean my rims 1/10th the time I did with OEM parts. Brake Performance staff, you guys rock!

Boise, Idaho

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