Ever since I purchased my truck, brand new, I have experienced a shuttering problem when releasing the brakes. I ordered a set of dimpled and slotted rotors with the extra heavy duty brake pads for my 2004 Ford F150, and want to express how pleased I am with the purchase. The Rotors and pads were a perfect fit right out of the box, and since the installation, the shuttering problem has ceased and my brakes have never performed better. They are quite, squeak free and I do not have to clean my rims 1/10th the time I did with OEM parts. Brake Performance staff, you guys rock!

Boise, Idaho

I purchased a set of front and rear premium dimpled and slotted rotors with pads and had them installed roughly a year ago on my Saab 9-3,which came with the big brake kit from the factory.The quality of workmanship and fitment are top notch. I immediately noticed the increase in stopping power, these brakes are amazing, and they look great! I just called ordered cross drilled and slotted rotors for my 2006 Mitsubishi Evolution along with premium semi metallic pads because of the high quality at an excellent price you get. Thank you for providing an excellent product at an unbeatable value, and for great service all the time. I will be ordering for my other cars, and spreading the word at shows and track days I attend.

Lynnwood, Washington

Hey Guys, I do not normally write in to companies but I wanted to this time. I was nervous about whether this would actually work but I had been quoted $1700 for a brake job on my Jaguar. That is just crazy so I placed the call to Brake Performance. Athena was very helpful and I ordered the Dimpled and Slotted high end rotors and pads for my S Type Jaguar. Everything arrived within a week and I had a mobile mechanic install them. Total price installed under $700. I saved $1000 using Brake Performance. I should send you a picture of them on my Jaguar, they look really sweet. Thanks guys and Athena, Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.

Austin , Texas

I installed my slotted, dimpled rotors on my 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4. It was easy and they look great. The braking performance of my truck is better than new. No noise or vibration.

Warsaw, Indiana

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