I recently purchased by 7th or 8th set of rotors from Brake Performance. I installed them on my wife's 2014 Explorer (with a mechanic friend). The rotors were slightly small (diameter) so less than an 1/8 of an inch was overhanging off the rotor. Not ideal, but needed brakes. I contacted Brake Performance after failing inspection for this. Unfortunately, they couldn't get me new ones in time before my inspection was up and my family was headed on vacation. However, they did refund my money, and offered me a discount on my next set. In addition, I offered to send photos of the rotors with the overhang to help them rectify the issue for any future customers. It's refreshing to have a company not just fix one situation but work to prevent issues moving forward. It's nice to have a company stand behind their product, and do what is ultimately right for the customer. Thank you!

Exton, Pennsylvania

Excellent quality parts; follow up and customer service are great. I would recommend this company. Follow up and customer service were excellent. The parts are outstanding. They stand behind their warranty.


Purchased brakes for my Acura TL Type S and I must say they are one of the smoothest/quietest brakes I have ever bought . I have yet to hear squeals since I've installed the brakes .

Bellflower, California

Great products. I buy from them for my automotive shop and have personally used them on my 2017 Durango RT. The customer service, pricing and delivery was top notch. I highly recommend them to others.

San Jacinto, California

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