Just purchased 4 of your slotted and dimpled rotors for my 2001 Firebird. Very smooth brake action with less pedal effort. No squeaking. Quality rotors and pads for sure. Thanks.

Wabasha, Minnesota

Installed like magic. What was most impressive was the braking of the vehicle. These rotors, so far,are fantastic! Extremely pleased and will purchase for my truck when the time comes and that time is approaching rapidly. Customer service is the bomb.When I saw my confirmation e mail, I realized I ordered black not silver. Placed phone call, taken care of immediately. Thanks so much. Great place to shop, great prices and free shipping. WHY SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE ??

Masury Ohio

I will tell you, regardless of anything else, that I truly believe that if I had not had the brakes installed on my Durango that I purchased from Brake Performance, I do not believe myself or my family would be alive today. We were traveling back from vacation and as I moved into the left lane to pass a slower moving pickup pulling a trailer stacked way too high full of junk, his load shifted and items began falling off onto the road in front of my car and that is reason for such a sudden and hard braking event. As I just wrote above, I truly believe that the increase in braking performance provided by your products saved lives. There were other vehicles behind me and beside me that were not able to stop as quickly as I did and went past me running into the debris that was on the road severely damaging their cars, from tires to oil pans, to complete front ends. The only damage to my Durango was a spilled soft drink.

Wagoner, Oklahoma

Good Evening, I had purchased a set of front rotors for my 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 back around March of 2009. They were the dimple, drilled and slotted with ceramic pad upgrade. They have outlasted any other rotor that has been put on, to date. The pads still look fine. even with 18k. You have a great product. Thanks, Dan

New Castle, Pennsylvania

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