I have bought 2 sets of rotors so far and plan to buy more. My Suzuki Kisahis rotors were warped so I bought 4 rotors and pads for it. Its been almost a year and about 15000 miles and I have no complaints. No warping and no brake dust. I just bought 2 rotors for the wife's Dodge Durango because of warping. Time will tell. My only complaints are they are a little noisy under hard breaking because of the holes and slots but under normal driving you don't notice and they claim up to 30 percent shorter stopping distance. Well maybe with some of there products but not what I bought. They stop the same as factory. I plan on buying another set for for my wifes Toyota Camry when her pads wear out because of warping. I tell you what factory rotors are junk now.

Boones Mill, VA

I think I'm buying 5th time already, as always satisfied

Clifton Park, NY

My case is a paradoxical one. I purchased brake pads and rotors for a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe that I thought would one and for all solve my issue with warping due to Colorado mountain conditions. I based my decision heavily on the average ratings of 4+ stars on TrustPilot and many positive comments. Within six months I was having some feedback through the steering wheel. Long story short, my rotors were warped and had to be replaced. I worked with Vicki Mullins in customer support who went "hard" to bat for me given my situation. Ultimately, I received a refund of my purchase price. Not only did BrakePerformance do the right thing I must say that Vicki Mullins was a true customer advocate when it made sense to be one! I will refer others to your company in spite of my product experience which I chalk up to some sort of anomaly. There's no way your average rating can be so high if others are having this issue so I believe I had a very unusual problem. Vicki deserves a raise!

Littleton, CO

Excellent product. Any future brake parts I need will be purchased from Brake Performance,

Chicago, Illinois

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