I am love my brakes i all ready know it and then yall made a 2 step process to confirm if i made the purchase is a good thing to do i will sure buy more stuff from u guys n wish the shipping was like Amazon fast too but yall will get there soon.

Brandon M.
Palm Bay, Florida

I'm not sure if the brake rotors I received were that great or if my rotors on my vehicle were terrible. I did choose slotted and drilled rotors to replace my standard rotors which would have made a difference, but the ones I received did not make any noise, did not shake and stopped the vehicle like it should have from the factory. These are not cheap replacement rotors, but the satisfaction of safety and comfort of driving with them is well worth the cost.

Waynesville, NC

First of all I want to thank you for your assistance. I already received the rotors and have installed them. I will highly recommend your services to all my friends. I was so pleased with the efforts that your company has put forth to take care of its customers. I appreciate your help and I will continue to use your products for future brakes and upgrades. Thanks again!!

Antelope, California

Very well made rotors. There is a huge selection. I'm very impressed with the stopping power. I would highly recommend them. Replace the factory warped rotors on the front with these and ceramic pads--very quiet, nice looking and clean--no vibrations when you need to stop hard. I got a great deal on them as well. When I called to order them the sales rep was very knowledgeable and kind and walked me through the process with ease.

Concord, North Carolina

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