I wanted to let you know I have had your Brake pads and rotors on now for months, they are by far the best brakes and rotors I have ever owned. My Corvette has had over 5 different set ups with so called top of the line pads and rotors, they are not even close to your products. The rotors still look shiny chrome new, your Semi metallic pads are the only pads that do not squeal like every other pair has in the 6 years I have owner my C6 Corvette. I highly recommend your brake pads and rotors to anyone wanting the Best.

Las Vegas, Nevada

We were having numerous problems finding performance brake products we needed until we found you and we are incredibly pleased by both the quality and performance of the rotors and pads. They are truly excellent and we have no complaints whatsoever. I just wanted to let you know that they are absolutely excellent and we are the type of people who truly appreciate getting a quality product for our money and these rotors and pads not only met our requirements and expectations; they exceeded them!!! They have been far superior to the stock pads and rotors and we have not experienced any of the overheating and brake fading that were a problem with the stock brakes and the stopping distances are considerably shorter, so needless to say, we have been quite pleased with your product and we will definitely be a repeat customer when it comes time to replace them again. Even though these pads and rotors came from the U.S. to here in Eastern Canada, they were still about $200.00 cheaper than the stock brakes here if we purchased them from Mitsubishi, including shipping and handling and they feel just as strong as they did when we installed them earlier this summer. My wife and I would like to thank you personally for your wonderful product and as I said, we will definitely be repeat customers. It was also a pleasure to deal with you personally with our purchase and we appreciated your polite manner and your prompt handling of our order, which in many companies is sadly lacking these days. 

St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

Thank you for all your help in solving my problem, everything worked out just fine. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your help and how great it is to deal with people who stand behind what they sell. Have a great day!

Red Lion, Pennsylvania

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service and products. The rotors and pads arrived yesterday and my son and I installed them today. Perfect fit and works great. I am sure that we will continue to do business with you and will recommend you to our friends.

Saint James City, FL

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