I have a tuned 2007 BMW E90. I shopped around and did my homework before purchasing and I am happy I went with Brake Performance compared to a few other companies. The prices and quality of Brake performance products is fantastic. The use G3000 iron in their rotors which is fine for 99.9% of the drivers out there. I ordered the drilled rotor and semi metallic pad combo with black zinc coating. Everything came just as ordered and advertised. I ordered on a Friday and had them in my possession the following Wend. I installed last night and after the "bedding in" process there is no squeaking and brakes work really well. If you are on the fence go ahead and pull the trigger.

Laguna Beach, California

Perfect transaction all 4 orders

Andrew J
Fitchburg, Massachusetts

I picked up some black drilled rotors for my Mustang and they are excellent. I opted for some semi-metallic pads when I ordered the discs and they fit great. I am very happy with my purchase.

David F
San Jose, California

Brake Performance was absolutely great. They called to verify the correct information of the card holder which I though was awesome because most companies will just charge you and ship it out but they actually took the time to make sure it was a fraudulent purchase and I now know where I will be getting my brake supplies from and not to mention the prices for the things you get. I was in a state of emergency and their quick responses and quick shipping gave me the comfort in knowing I will be back on the road in no time. Thanks again guys!

US Army Veteran
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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