Thank you for a great product. The rotors and brakes are working great!

Daily City, California

I just wanted to say that all the parts were a perfect fit and installation was simple and I am very pleased with the performance. So far the braking is smooth, deliberate, with no noise, chatter or pull. The new Brake Performance parts pricing was about the same as the price for new pads and turning the old rotors which is only a very temporary fix and is not guaranteed. I have recommended your products to my friends and would recommend them to all prospective customers. Thanks for helping me solve my braking issues.

Nampa, Idaho

I purchased some rotors and pads for my car back in May; however, I did not have time to put them on until this past weekend. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong parts and they did not fit my car. Therefore, I was thinking that getting this mix-up fixed was going to be a headache and that the customer service department was going to be a huge pain in the neck, boy was I wrong! Your customer service center was outstanding, awesome, and top notch! Your customer service person was extremely professional, respectful, and very prompt in fixing my issue. I am not sure how your company works, i.e. if you have an employee of the month program or some other type of employee recognition program, but she certainly deserves it. If your company does not have an employee recognition program in place, I would recommend starting one and give the first award to her.  She is truly an asset to your company. Because of her actions today, I will be a repeat customer and will recommend you to all of my friends.

Port Hueneme, California

I am extremely pleased with the quality of these rotors and pads and I tell everybody about them. They are far superior to the stock rotors and pads. They stop shorter and they never overheat or fade, which was the major problem with the stock rotors and pads, especially after I had the ECU modified.

Newfoundland, Canada

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