I just wanted to comment on your new web site to say that I like the look , format, and content much better than the former site version. But more importantly ,I have ordered several performance brake sets from you and have referred numerous others to you as well and am well pleased with your products and will continue to buy products from you in then future. I have found in my most recent purchase for a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee that the difference in stopping a 5,000 lb. vehicle is dramatic..And the premium semi-metallic pads as part of the deal made the transaction great!! Thanks and keep up the Good Work... !

Perrysburg, Ohio

I just wanted to thank you for your awesome service and quality parts. I installed them with ease and was happy with everything. Other companies should follow your lead. Your the best in the business.

Hudson, Wisconsin

Received brake pads today. Will order again and tell all about your great deals. Thanks!!

Oxford, Pennsylvania

I put semi-metallic pads on my 03 Ford SuperDuty and loved the quality and service, so when it was time for new pads on our 05 Focus ST, I bought ceramics and am I glad I did. This thing stops as good as a Boeing 767.

Aurora, Indiana

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