I put semi-metalic pads on my `13 Ford SuperDuty and loved the quality and service, so when it was time for new pads on our `05 Focus ST,I bought ceramics and am I glad I did.This thing stops as good as a Boeing 767.

Lorton, Virginia

I received the rotors and went ahead and decided to install the brake pads you sent - and they worked great!!! I'm very glad everything went right together, and me new brakes are so smooth! Very nice!!!

Butler, WI

Just a quick note to comment on how happy I am with the pads and shoes I recently ordered and installed on my ’02 Ford Explorer Sport Trac. I had a local Ford dealer put new pads and shoes on about a year ago and the truck has sounded like an old school bus ever since – lots of squealing and grinding when I would come to a stop. I took it back to the dealership several times and always got the same excuse that “some squealing and grinding is normal.” The brakes installed by the dealership were also extremely dusty! My wheels would be covered in black dust after just a few days. I’ve had the Brake Performance pads and shoes on for about 5 days now and they are GREAT!!! Quiet as can be and they brake much smoother than the other brakes! Thanks for a GREAT product!!!

Baltimore, Maryland

The best Ceramic brake pads I have every used. Thank you for a great product.

Louisville, Kentucky