I have had problems with the original brakes on my V8 Hyundai Genesis since new. Not that the brakes were particularly bad, but I could have them fading "relatively" easy and I had warped front rotors 3 times in 3 years. I bought Brake Performance slotted/dimpled rotors with semi-metallic pads 9 months ago. I waited that much (and 15K miles) to post this review, so I can certainly say that the brakes are AWESOME. I was advised that non-plain rotors end up being slightly more noisy than plain (that proved to be true) and that semi-metallic pads will create more dust (that also proved to be true). However, the improvement I got is exceptional: I can't get the brakes to fade at all (really) and regardless of what you just did with the brakes, if you press the brake pedal THE CAR STOPS! Also, in 15K miles there's not even a trace of warping (as it kept happening with the original disks). All this at a price that's even less than the price other sellers charge you for plain non-slotted disks. Bottom point: I know where I'm going to buy my next set of brakes (looking at the wear it's not going to happen that soon anyway)...

Ivan N
Greensburg, Pennsylvania

I got a package deal, set of 4 slotted and drilled discs with an upgrade to ceramic pads, for a 1994 Cutlas. The new pads didn't come with clips for the rear brakes and the 21 year old clips were rusted beyond repair. Since I had everything apart I put the pads in without the clips. While the brakes work perfectly, they chatter when I hit bumps. Clips should have been included with the package. However, the shopping experience was completely without incident and everything was delivered as stated.

Boston, Massachusetts

My experiance was very uneventful, very easy to order, all products showed up in timley manner. all in all very pleased dealing with brake performance. recomenned

Thornton, Colorado

Readily available parts, simple ordering process.

Reading, Pennsylvania

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