Thank you for the excellent rotors you provided for my 91 F-250 truck. My truck's brakes have continued to give me more confidence than I ever had with the stock rotors.

Bixby, Oklahoma

Hi there. Love your products. I have a set on my Mitsubishi and they lasted me years with no issues at all. Thank you!

Vero Beach, Florida

I would like to personally thank you for your customer service. As I drive for a living hauling weights up to 2,500 lbs in my 2008 Chevy Express 2500 cargo van stopping is EXTREMELY important to me. Last August between the 17th-24th 2012 I place my order for the Rear Dimpled and Slotted Rotors, 4 Blue Powder Coated Calipers and 4 new brake hoses. I was very please with the pricing of everything and I must say those Blue Powdered Coated Calipers was just sharp looking. Wow! What a difference over stocks rotors and brakes is just UNBELIEVABLE! Just recently order complete set of Dimpled and Slotted Rotors with Premium pads for my parents 2005 Jeep Liberty, as usual great customer service and fast shipping. I will be purchasing back up set of Dimpled and Slotted rotors in the near future for my Chevy Express. Brake Performance you have me as a Customer for life and I will spread the word.

Trenton, Ohio

Best decision I ever made. I ordered new slotted and drilled rotors for my 01 Taurus and they stop the car better than anything that's been on the car since it was bought. Thank You very much for a fantastic product. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone.

Chalfont. Pennsylvania

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