WOW! I just finished installing a full set of your Premium Dimpled and Slotted Rotors with the premium semi-metallic pads. Not only do they look MUCH better, they feel great. Before I purchased your rotors my car was shaking even without applying the brakes and when applied you could almost feel the wheel shaking out of your hands....this seems to be a common with stock Acura rotors. After installing your premium rotors and bedding them in, the car runs straight and true, no shakes, etc. The perfect upgrade! Thanks!

East Fallowfield, Pennsylvania

Thank you for taking care of the warranty issues with my front rotors. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure working with Brake Performance. You truly are "The Brake Specialists".

Thousand Oaks, California

I purchased the slotted and dimpled rotors and ceramic pads for my S10 ZR2. This combination is awesome! I just could not believe the difference it made in the feel of the pedal and the braking power with my trailer pushing me. I would recommend these to everybody I meet. Made in USA and worth every penny!!

Manns, Pennsylvania

Premium drilled rotors black. 1995 e150 ford custom Van. excellent product they stop on a dime. I cannot believe the performance excellent excellent. I am extremely happy thank you so much will definitely buy again. I highly recommend it.

Brooklyn, New York

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