I purchased a pair of front rotors for my 2006 kia Sedona this past May. I got the dimpled and slotted set with the upgraded pads. The installation was a breeze and they performed soo much better than the old OEM set! The original OEM set are made of a softer metal i guess, seems like all the reviews i read suggested everyone suffered from warping. Even worse we lived in Las Vegas and the road heat didn't help. After installing we were on a road trip and were side swiped going down the interstate! I can testify that the new brake set up Literally saved my families life! I was able to slow quick enough and forcefully enough that we weren't squeezed into the cement construction barriers and only suffered minimal front end fender damage!

Las Vegas, Nevada

I was absolutely giddy to find that the dimple drilled slotted rotors I ordered for my 05' 2wd F150 were an upgraded 2 piece design when I opened the boxes! It is quite an upgrade. Thanks for providing a great product at a reasonable price.

Cuba, Illinois

My 2006 Infiniti G35 sedan had impressive brakes from the start. Now that I have installed your slotted and dimpled rotors and premium semi metallic pads, its even better. Very impressive.

Los Angeles, California

Thanks for the great customer service! You were so right about the vibrations in the front. It went away after the new brake pads got broken in and they work absolutely perfect!!!!!!! I'm very pleased with your service and wish I could pass it on to other potential customers that visit your web site.

Yuba, California

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