My Rotors and Pads just arrived and they are perfect, total satisfaction with your product. You not only provided a superior product, but you did it at the lowest price possible. I donít know what more anyone could ask for. You have a customer for life and I will tell everyone I know about Brake Performance!

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Hi guys, I received my brakes last week, and put them on Saturday. As a machinist here in New Jersey I have to say great job!!. They look great, fit great, STOP GREAT! Who said California can't machine anything, just kidding. Keep up the good work, will order again!

Bayville, New Jersey

I just wanted to thank you for steering me toward your slotted/dimpled rotor/pad combo. I have them installed and they are great. When the fronts need replacing I will be giving you a call. Will let you know how things work as I rack up the miles.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

I ordered front and rear sets of your dimpled and slotted rotors and chose the semi metallic pads, for my 96 accord (rice-errr) all i can say is WOW! It is like my car just came off the showroom floor! the response i get from the brake pedal is out of this world!!!, shorter braking distance, at various speeds, trust me i was up to hmmmmm 70ish and it dang near stopped on a dime, with no vibrations, just smooth! I would be re-missed if i did not mention your sales person.She was very helpful in my selections and added helpful insight, and answered all my questions. Keep up the good work, and keep those quality products coming. My 540 is next on the upgrade list.

Jacksonville, North Carolina

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