Excellent product and service Well, I was in for some new rotors, and also new brake pads. Car is an Audi a6 supercharged 2010. Audi dealers in Brooklyn or anywhere else for that matter. They feel, if you can afford the car, they car demand for you leg to buy replacements parts. Ridiculous price by Audi, and others offered less quality. Name brands made in China. Brake performance usually don't stock most rotors, they are made on demand. My 2010 Audi a6 supercharged has 347mm front rotors and 330mm rear rotors. Many sites claim to have right size, only to find out it's usually for a4, or 320mm front rotors. So, shopping by a supplier like brake performance was ideal for me. They also have calipers cheaper than most auto parts dealers online or off. I chose the drilled slotted rotors with black coating rather than zinc. Love my rotors now, just my calipers making them look bad as they are rusty as heck. Don't settle for cheap rotors of less quality. Brake performance rotors are made in USA, and it ships within 24 to 72 hours......free. Many want Zimmerman, but usually the fake ones, not German made. A few others have kit set, but only rotors are useful as most luxury or performance cars have very specific sizes of brake pads. Brake performance offers kit set, and the option to just buy rotors without brake pads. With many, you have to buy the kit, if the pads don't match, they want everything returned rather than just correct the pads they put with the kit that is wrong. Shop wisely, I am saving to buy my calipers from brake performance or just have the ones u have cleaned and powders coat painted. I have a mechanic already for that. Painted his calipers five years ago silver, and they look like he just bought them. Excellent customer service, informative, genuine steel made in USA rotors. I am going to brush clean my runs, and take pics. Cleaned one, and it is looking lovely. Only that the brush was for the guy tinting my windows. Five stars, and Vivian if you are single .....hit me up. It's that Brooklyn guy. Lol. I will recommend and shop here again for all my brake needs and explore other auto parts they have.


Very good and good service

Bronx, New York

Outstanding experience. Product was per the description and of excellent quality. Delivery was prompt and directions included were spot on.

San Diego, California

Some of the best brakes for the money. These rotors are amazing! Stopping is greatly increased and the warranty can't be beat. I've had issues with the cheaper pads squeaking but upgrading to ceramic solves the problem.

San Marcos, Texas

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