I have a Chevy Uplander. I live in a hilly Suburb of P.A. I love my van but the one thing I go through is brakes and rotors. I was warping 2 to 3 sets a year before I found Brake Performance. Now I get over 1 year on a set. What I recommend is " Do Not get the Upgrade on the brake pads". The brake pads that come with the kit do just fine. I also use Brake Performance products on our other 2 cars. Fabulous Stuff! It takes a few days to get the products so order before you need them. You will NOT be disappointed!

Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

A lot of times customers always have to complain about everything. Today I just wanted to Thank Brake Performance for selling quality products that does the job. I swapped out all four rotors and brakes on my 2013 Volkswagen 2.0t CC. You can instantly feel the stopping power even before the brake-in period. The car had no fade or lagging that you would feel with the stock brakes. I strongly recommend that Volkswagen owners give these a try. I will gladly recommend your company to my friends and family. Thanks Again. I wish I could post some pics. They look great too!!

Edgewood, Maryland

Web page was easy to navigate. Got immediate response from customer service, no waiting. Packaging was good. Did have to wait over a week for delivery.

Jay w
Grand Ledge, Michigan

Hi, Your service was pretty good. The only reason why I did not give 5 stars was because a customer service person was supposed to call me back within an hour and I had to call back after 2 hours. I went through 2 sets of factory rotors on the front of my new Challenger RT in 24,000 miles. Dealer replaced the first set for free but of course tried to blame me but replaced them anyway...said they would not do that again. I am a middle aged guy who does not beat on his car or jam on the brakes. When they warped a second time, I went online and found out people who own this specific model of Challenger are all having the same problem. Found this company online after doing some reasearch. Upgraded my rotors to slotted and dimpled from them especially since they are warranties for life against warping Guy at Brake performance told me it is probably the factory ceramic pads that is warping them since they heat up a lot. He suggested semi-metallic with the new rotors. Bought the set up for front and rear so everything is new and the same. Only issue was that the semi metallic pads made a bad grinding sound at first till they got set up and seated. Just ride gently on brakes for first 100 miles and it will go away within the first 20 miles of use. Grinding sound is the other reason for holding back the 5th star. We will see in 12,000 miles if the rotors warp again and this company is sending me a free set of rotors for the rest of my car's life.

Westfield, New Jersey

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