Purchased a complete 4 wheel set of dimpled/slotted brakes with semi-met pads for our Audi A8L. The pricing was by far the best of anything else I had seen and the lifetime warranty was inviting as we keep vehicles for many years. We called to place the order over the telephone more so to be able to speak to a person. Staff sounded knowledgeable and professional. The fact that each order is machined specifically for you takes longer but makes sure it is accurate. Parts arrived timely as promised and well-packed. The black zinc coating was awesome. I had a shop that specializes in just Audis do the work. They were impressed with the quality of the product, the price and warranty. Installation posed problems however. The indicated direction (rotation) of the rotors could not be matched to the instructions - the rotors simply did not fit the way the drawings indicated. They fit fine (and symmetrical) the opposite direction. A call back to the company indicated "it really doesn't matter on that car, the drawings are generic". The installer assured us they were fine as installed due to the internal vane pattern (which makes sense but wasn't explained by BrakePerformance) and showed us other instructions on the 'net (and a Saleen) that had them installed similar to ours. Despite the installation being a bit disconcerting, the brakes work wonderfully after they were properly "bedded". Great feel, no fad and low dust. We are only 1000 miles in so it will be interesting to see how the product fares on this heavy car. I am delaying purchasing more products until these have more adequate wear and I have had more time to evaluate them. So far however, the product seems to perform well and they look fantastic.

Avon, Indiana

This is the second I have purchased brakes from you guys and you never disappoint. I love them no real break in time needed. Great product.

Fleming Island, Florida

I purchased sets of dimpled and slotted rotors (with BP pads) for my mustang and fell in love. The stopping distance is quite noticeable. Now I put the same set on my wife's Trailblazer and realized, I should have done it a long time a go. The fit is exact. As well as the customer service. The follow up call just to insure the correct parts was a nice touch. Every vehicle I buy in the future is sure to get their own set.

Michael T
Houston, Texas

Company was very helpful in selecting the products that I needed. The product was delivered when exactly when company said it would be. The rotors and brakes that were purchase were exactly what was ordered and the product is excellent.

Centinella, Colorado

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