I received the rotors and brakes that I ordered from you. Just wanted you to know that they are great! Very happy customer!

Elmont, New York

I drive an 08 Dodge Caliber SRT. My stock pads and rotors were worn out, and warped after 32,000 miles. I decided to purchase the slotted rotors from you, mainly because I thought it looked good, and the price for your brakes were about the same as my OEM brakes. I now have 117,000 miles on my vehicle, and my pads still have 3/8 of an inch left! I am a heavy foot driver in Houston, so there is quite a bit of hard stopping. My satisfaction with your product is through the roof. My slotted rotors have become warped so I just recently replaced them with your premium slotted and dimpled rotors because of the lifetime warranty against warping and cracking. The durability of your rotors and pads has impressed me so much, I have now purchased rotors and pads for 2 of my fleet vehicles at work, and now my wife's vehicle. The product always arrives in a timely manner and always fit properly. You were recently out of stock of the semi metallic pads for my wife's vehicle, customer service called and offered me a refund of $10. I asked if they had the ceramic in stock. The answer was yes and they upgraded me at no cost (a better solution). Thank you for your product, I have recommended you many times to anyone looking for new brakes.

Houston, Texas

My Mazda RX8 with new Brake Performance slotted rotors at Road Atlanta NASA-SE Fall Fling 9/14-15/2013 Cut 3 seconds off my fastest lap with my new set-up!

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Hey just want to let you know I received my slotted rotors for my 05 Chevy Silverado yesterday and the quality is great! I want to thank you for all your help.

Loxley, Alabama

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