I want to say thanks. I too was skeptical about buying brakes online. I read the testimonials, and then I intentionally looked for bad reviews on the web. Yes, the Infiniti dealer wanted an arm and a leg for the pads and rotors I purchased. I bought all 4 wheels for less than two rotors from the dealer. I also think this is a better quality product than what Nissan uses. I did buy the slotted rotors. I had everything installed by Pep Boys. I have to say that the brakes have never been better on my G35. The quality of the products were excellent! My car stops on a dime. I am just a daily commuter. Coming down the mountain, I have no noticeable brake fade. I am a spirited driver at times, and I have found your rotors exceed what I need. The order was accurate, and the delivery was as promised. I will be back for more products as I need them. Add me to the pleased customer list!

New Market, Alabama

Just had a huge problem taken care of by a most pleasant woman in your customer service department at Brake Performance. She went to bat for me with my unusual problem and saved me a TON of money AND time!! It technically was not their policy to do what I needed them to do, but they accommodated me, the customer, to my complete satisfaction!! Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and Brake Performance!

Budd Lake, New Jersey

I wanted to express my sincere satisfaction with the overall experience with Brake Performance. The quality of the product is second to none I have experienced in the industry. I am a small company with limited exposure at the present time, hopefully that will change soon with access to automotive products to offer my customers such as Brake Performance. I just wanted to say "thanks" for an overall enlightening experience. Companies such as Brake Performance is what makes the U.S.A. great in remembrance for what we all stand for and what our forefathers fought so hard for.

Pikeville, Kentucky

Your Customer Service Department is a Wonderful asset to "Brake Performance" and needs to be commended. This is "World Class Customer Service" and I am happy with my purchase and Brake Performance.

Phoenix, Arizona

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