So I have had the slotted and cross drilled rotors on about 1000 miles and they are still smooth as ever no shimmy at all. Using ceramic pads. Did not really break them in. I just was easy on them the first 200 or so miles. So if I did break them in the stopping power would put me thru the windshield and on to the road. But since i did not its just thru the windshield and on to the hood. Which works for me.

Colchester, Vermont

The brake parts appear of great quality, just installed and will know more after driving.

Underwood, IA

This is the second time I have used Brake Performance parts for my MiniCooper's. Their service and parts are Excellent. I will continue to use them in the future

Rick B
Easton, PA

Drilled and slotted rotors with pads for 02 Deville were exact match to factory, Fit perfect and installed easily. After 2 trips from Ohio to S. Carolina through the mountains in heavy traffic, these brakes stop the heavy car smoothly and fast! No vibrations, no fade and allows hard braking on steep mountains without warping the rotors (and Devilles are notorious for warping factory rotors). Highly recommend these rotors and pads!!

Bellbrook, OH