I went with the cross drilled and slotted, and ceramic pads, for my Grand Cherokee and could not be happier. Make sure to order the "Brake Rotor Hardware Kit", its inexpensive and has the extra parts you'll need to do the job right. One more thing, they machine your order at their facility in California and they bring the slots to the edge of the rotor which is optimum for performance. IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!!!!!

Steamboat springs, CO

The quality of the rotors seem superior but time will tell the only problem I have is with the shipping took 2 weeks also it would have been nice to send the stainless steel brake clips with the brakes

Akron, NY

Hard to find a company that's on par, why try?

Curt H
Van Nuys, California

A.S.E. Master technician, we purchase an 2013 Camry and purchased extended service contract from dealer! After I believe the fourth rotation I notice a rear rotor that was warped. They told me it was caused by heat, I said yes that is true but shortly after rotation I am sure it was cause by improper torque. And would they check them. They looked at the brakes and told me they were fine. Now I didn't ask about the condion of the pads I wanted them to stick a dial indicator on the rear rotors! I asked them to hand torque every wheel, my fault I guess I should have said do not use a impact wrench! A few rotations later and my front rotors extremely warped seems to happen within a week or two of the rotation. Go figure! If I drove it long that day I'm sure it would be then. But anyway it vibrated terrible! And Toyota blamed my wife's driving habit. Now owing three front end and brake shops for over 35yrs. I fixed pretty much every kind of vehicle you can imigine. Even dealers brought cars to me to find problems that they could not find. I purchased four rotors with pads but used dealer pads, my neighbor also purchased four rotors for his Avalon once he saw mine, I will be installing his soon! The head service manager once me to come in and explain, however he never offered a refund!

Eddie V
Orangevale, California