I bought some drilled and slotted rotors from AutoZone.com. I added my car information on the website but still got the wrong size. I even went to Autozone store and they kept telling me that these rotors are the right size. I checked my workshop manual for my car and it turns out that I needed a bigger size which autozone did not carry. Brake Performance had the right size for my car. I just installed the new rotors and brake pads and everything fits perfectly.

Acworth, GA

I purchased the Front Premium Cross Drilled & Slotted Brake Kit (color: Black) (part number: CBF-33123) with Ceramic Premium Pads (PE-13220) for my 2008 Audi A5 Quattro (Details: manufactured: from 5/08; I guessed here.). I also purchased the Front Brake Rotor Hardware Kit (HWR-33040). The brake pad wear sensors came with my order (I received two, however my car only need one for the front driver side.). I am extremely happy. I saved over $600 changing the front brake rotor and pads myself vs going to the dealership which quoted me over $900 for the front brakes alone. I was surprise to see the the original brake had a lot of pad left despite the pad wear sensor indicating that the pads needed changing. However my wife did not want to drive the car with the sensor light on. I don't drive the Audi very much so I cannot speak to how well the current braking is compared to the OEM braking, but the car stops and the brakes do not make any noises so I am happy. My wife said that so does not notice any differences and that's a good thing. All in all, it was a great buy and I will definitely buy again. BTW this was my first time changing brakes on the 2008 Audi A5.


Everything was shipped to me in a timely manner. They had good customer support when I experienced a problem with the brake pads that were sent and they promptly sent me a new set free of charge. This was a very good shopping experience and I would highly recommend the products, as well as the retailer.

Jason H
Dearborn, Michigan

Excellent price, High Quality Parts, and Super fast shipping! I ordered the drilled/slotted rotors with ceramic brake kit for my 2011 BMW 550i and it was by far the BEST price on the internet for this type of setup. The rotors and pads were high quality and the performance is night and day opposed to stock! Thanks so much! I recommended you guys on mu message boards!

David N
Marina, California