These rotors are great, even after 6 months the finish is still as nice as the day I bought them. These rotors would get a 100% in my book except for the fact they are thinner than the stock SRT8 rotors. Thinner rotors allow more heat to build up and make the brake fluid heat up faster eventually causing brake fade. The only place where this would ever cause an issue is either riding the brakes going down the side of a mountain or (what I will be doing) going to the track & road course where you punish the brakes.

Seattle, WA

The title says it all..........Good Company..........Great Product.

Prather, California

2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax Diesel. Received drilled and slotted rotors and brakes in good condition. Was worried about packaging. Little issues with brake pad installation. Brake pads real tight fitting in calipers. (had to make some adjustments). Break-in procedure a little tuff. Had to find a road with no traffic to break-in pads. (Going 45mph to 5mph, 10 to 20 times. Had vibration issues with old rotors and pads. Vibration is gone. Like the looks of the rotors. Truck stops great!! No other issues. Very Happy!! Congrats, Brake Performance. I would recommend this company to anyone.


Brake rotors were flawless, broke in well. I admit I was unaware that the brake pad kit did not ship with brake hardware, most brake pad kits do. I did have to spend a few hours sourcing clips/springs for my new pads which was an unexpected headache and delayed the installation, but that could have been my fault for not reading the fine print somewhere before placing the order. Just be aware, check to see if your kit includes hardware when you order and plan accordingly.

Canby, Oregon