I love them. I got them fast and I put them on and I love them they work great

York, Pennsylvania

Good stuff. I've been using Brake Performance components for 2 years now. They provide excellent, strong stopping power on my 08 4Runner. I'm getting 30k miles out of the brake pads on a long daily commute with lots of stops and emergency braking. (Gotta love NJ!) I highly recommend these brake pads and rotors, especially considering the price point.

Perkasie, PA

Natalie is great !! Rotors sent did not fit on front, too small dia. Told by Vicki they were right parts but my new Honda Accord Sport had God knows what parts stuck on at the assembly line. Would have to pay for return shipping and a 20% restocking fee. WTH?. Did some homework ( Auto Zone ) and found that indeed the rotors sent were the wrong part. Welcome Natalie. She found the problem, took steps to prevent it from happening again to someone else. She arranged for the free UPS pick-up, and refunded my charges. Wish more companies had a Natalie, truly appreciated. My part are not in stock as yet, but I will order them when available, they are what I want

Fresno, California

Mercedes Benz owner. Excellent customer service Great prices with great products I have ordered from them several times. I own five cars and wish i have found them sooner.

Spring Branch, Texas

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