Been ordering products for years Athena always helps me out fast and friendly. Great company to deal with stand behind what they sell.

Torrance, California

Last night I finally installed my 1st Order on the Crimson Red 2004 Ford Mustang GT Convertible and, they work great!

Marrero, Louisiana

I purchased a week ago front and rear slotted rotors and front and rear premium semi-metallic pads for my f-150 and installed them the very next day. My truck have better brakes now then when it was new. love'm, love'm, love'm!!! thank you!

Chicago, Illinois

I want to say thanks. I too was skeptical about buying brakes online. I read the testimonials, and then I intentionally looked for bad reviews on the inter web. Yes, the Infiniti dealer wanted an arm and a leg for the pads and rotors I purchased. I bought all 4 wheels for less than two rotors from the dealer. I also think this is a better quality product than what Nissan uses. I did buy the slotted rotors. I had everything installed by Pep Boys. I have to say that the brakes have never been better on my G35. The quality of the products were excellent! My car stops on a dime. I am just a daily commuter. Coming dow the mountain, I have no noticable brake fade. I am a spirited driver at times, and I have found your exceed what I need. The order was accurate, and the delivery was as promised. I will be back for more products as I need them. Add me to the pleased customer list!

Crestline, California