Great Brake parts at a great price. It was time to do my brakes. They were warped and losing brake power. I went with the slotted in black on my 2004 grand marquis. Feels like a new car. I totally recommend buying parts from Brake Performance.


Brake Performance. Great help on the phone, parts shipped fast, parts look great. (Have yet to install them)

Coos Bay, OR

Good product, good delivery, good price. The brake rotors and pads arrived when promised and were of high quality at a price considerably less than other options. The choice of corrosion resisting zinc finishes was appreciated. The items were well packed and protected from possible shipping damage.

WALNUT CREEK, California

Replacement Brakes and Rotors from Brake Performance. I had previously used the Brake Performance site a few years ago to order replacement brakes and rotors for a 1997 Ford E-150 van that is used mainly for vacation purposes. This vehicle is normally loaded with people and gear when used. The original rotors were warped from this type of use, so I wanted to upgrade. I chose ceramic brake pads and slotted rotors. These have held up very well, so when my 2007 Subaru Forester needed brakes, I came back to this site and ordered a similar brake / rotor combination for it. Both times, the ordering process was smooth, email updates let me know the shipping time, and the parts were received in a few days. The parts fit and operate properly. The braking upgrade on both vehicles improved braking performance, so I feel it is worth the extra money and effort to replace both when a vehicle needs this work done. I looked at other sites for similar parts and compared prices. Pricing was similar, but quality of and place of manufacture were questionable. I saw reviews for those sites from people stating they were poor quality, made in China, rotors out of true, etc. I have not seen this with Brake Performance.

Altoona, Pennsylvania

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