Best brakes and service. I allways buy from performace. Great prices.

North Charleston, South Carolina

Product shipped quickly and are running flawlessly.

San Antonio, Texas

Received all that was requested in great shape. The only thing I would have liked is a tracking number given to me at time of shipment so I could track. Will install all tomorrow. THX for all and the advise. WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL

Edmonds, Washington

i have 3 vehicles that i have had installed Brake Performance rotors on. 2011 Ram sport premium dimpled/slotted front and rear, 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee premium dimpled/slotted front-premium slotted rear and 1995 Corvette coupe with the premium cross drilled/slotted front and rear rotors. i have to say that the braking performance in the ram and jeep is definitely way better and shorter in distance. careless drivers have allowed me to check that several times. the corvette i purchased used but i have had it four years now and it is better in braking as well. i purchased the ram and jeep new. the oem rotors and the brake performance rotors are night and day difference. i used Hawk performance brake pads on all my vehicles. i have had squealing issues with the brake performance pads although the brake performance pads are super great performers they just make a lot of noise even after bedding in the pads. that is my experience. i would suggest anyone to change over to this much better than oem rotors . they have sales all the time. great quality and lifetime warranty to boot. i went with this brand because of the quality price warranty and machined in usa.


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