Best long-lasting Rotors/Pads. This is the second set of rear rotors & pads I've ordered for my 2005.5 VW Jetta. I had over 100K on 1st set. Definitely good quality rotors & pads.

Minonk, IL

Happy Customer. Returning customer :) and will continue to do business here. Great quality, fast delivery, and perfect fit for my vehicle. Had to replace my first set only because i could not find a shop willing to turn them for me (slotted and cross drilled).

La Puente, California

This is the fourth time I've purchased brake parts from Brake Performance. I've been very satisfied with the quality of the brake pads and the rotors. They seem to perform better than the OEM and, as the pads/rotors got older I did not have a problem with peddle vibration. I like the option to order a replacement "kit" for all four wheels rather than having to purchase fronts and backs separately. A simple but nice convenience. My recent purchases included a promo for brake hardware. I think you should forget the promo and just include the hardware when you purchase a replacement kit. In most cases, it is recommended the hardware be replaced anyway when installing new pads. I prefer knowing I have all the parts I need when I start my installation.

Oakland, New Jersey

Best brakes and service. I allways buy from performace. Great prices.

North Charleston, South Carolina

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