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Semi Metallic (Premium) Brake Pads
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  • Incredible Stopping Performance
  • Guaranteed Quality & Factory Fit
  • Shims Included-Vibration Noise Free
  • Low Dust- Keeps Wheels Cleaner
  • 90 Day Warranty Against Defects
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Premium Semi Metallic Brake Pad Specifications

Brake Performance Premium Semi Metallic Brake Pads are manufactured using the same positive molding process utilized by Original Equipment suppliers. Positive molding uses extreme pressure to compress the friction material and bond it to the backing plate. This process assures consistent friction material density throughout the pad, resulting in even wear and performance characteristics throughout the life of the brake pad. The brake friction features either precision-cut or shaved backing plates, as well as mechanically-attached shims; these small details ensure proper fitment in the caliper and virtually eliminate noise associated with pad vibration. In addition, a scorching process has been added to all of the Premium Semi Metallic brake pads. This additional process forces any impurities out of the friction material and pre-burnishes the pads to greatly accelerate the break-in process. These Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads have the highest temperature fade resistance and friction level of any Brake Pads we sell. They are designed to give you the best stopping power in all weather conditions.


  • Manufactured with a high heat range and high friction level to handle extreme heat generated by vehicles prone to warping brake rotors.
  • Each set of Brake Pads include metal shims to eliminate vibration and unwanted noise.
  • Tough enough for heavy duty applications but gentle on your rotors, prolonging the life of your brakes.
  • Designed and manufactured with a positive molding process for stable friction performance and even wear.
  • Precision-cut or shaved backing plates made to exact original equipment manufacturer dimensions and specifications.
  • Special manufacturing process added to force impurities out of the friction material so as to accelerate the break-in process.
  • Brake Performance Premium Semi Metallic Brake Pads are backed by a 90 Day Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Each pad is exhaustively dynamometer and fleet-vehicle tested to meet and exceed all safety standards.

Guaranteed Fit And Installation

Brake Performance Premium Semi Metallic Brake Pads are machined to the same fit and dimensions as your factory brake pads. You can install them with no worries about factory fit or function. We recommend that you have a certified mechanic install them for proper break-in procedure. If you have any questions or need assistance choosing the correct brake pads for your vehicle, call our brake experts toll-free at 866-756-5536.


Brake Performance Premium Semi-Metallic Brake Pads have a high-temperature fade resistance and friction level and are designed to give you the best stopping power in all weather conditions.

Vehicle Recommendations

Premium Semi Metallic Brake Pads are ideal for all domestic and foreign light, medium, and heavy-duty Cars, Trucks, and SUVs, as well as any vehicles that require improved braking performance. These pads are highly recommended for heavy work trucks, as well as all types of towing applications. See our comparison chart for application advantages between the different types of pads.

Photo Disclaimer

Photos are for display purposes only. Actual brake pads may vary in size and shape depending on your vehicle.

Semi Metallic (Premium) Brake Pads
Comparison Chart

Semi Metallic (Premium) Pads

Semi Metallic (Standard) Pads

Ceramic (Premium) Pads

Ceramic (Standard) Pads
High friction level and high temperature fade resistance    
Extended pad life with low dust performance    
Manufactured with shims to eliminate noise and vibration
Includes scorching process to accelerate bed-in procedure    
Positive molded for even wear characteristics    
Foreign and domestic non performance vehicles
European and performance vehicles      
Trucks, Vans and SUV vehicles      
Towing/hauling and heavy commercial vehicles      

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How long will my order take to deliver?

For Performance Rotors, allow 2-3 business days before shipping in order to allow for the Custom Zinc Plating process. All other products ship out the next business day. On our shipping page, you will see a map that will show the UPS delivery times in the US.

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We offer overnight, 2-day, and 3-day UPS shipping. Our shipping options page will give you all of the different choices and costs. Expedited shipping options are not eligible for Brake Performance's Free Shipping.

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All orders are shipped without a signature required. If you would like to sign for your shipment you must call us toll free at 866-756-5536 so that we can make the change to your order.

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After placing your order, an email is sent to you containing a copy of your order and order number. When your order ships, you will also receive an email from Brake Performance with your tracking numbers. You can check your delivery schedule on our website under "Order Tracking" and enter your order number, name, or email address to track your order. Alternatively, you can go to ups.com and track it from there.

How does your lifetime warranty work?

Refer to our product warranties at the bottom of the page, under warranties and policies.

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