Most people do not understand how important these small pieces of brake hardware can be and have discarded the little wire clips thinking that they did not provide any advantage. No amount of lubricant can make up for weak or rusted brake hardware. A fresh set of hardware can gain horsepower and fuel economy by reducing brake drag.

The constant heating and cooling of even normal driving will weaken your springs and anti-rattle clips over time. Weak hardware can result in excessive movement, binding, pulling, warping, uneven wear, noise, or other problems. Springs and clips may be difficult to install, but leaving them off is not an option.

Shims are usually secured to the brake pads with clips that clamp onto the sides of the backing plate. Some shims are staked to the pad or use adhesive to help prevent the shim from shifting or falling off.

Built up rust and corrosion on a floating caliper's slides or bushings can prevent the brake caliper from properly centering itself over the rotors. This will reduce effective braking force, increase stopping distance, and create uneven brake pad wear.

Soft parts such as dust boots, and grommets will need maintenance as well. Brake caliper insulators or shims around the mounting bolts can be flattened over time from the torque of the brakes. This can cause excessive movement and noise.
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