The main benefit of loaded caliper assemblies is to restore the brakes to new condition. A loaded caliper will have a new brake pad pre-installed in a professionally re-manufactured caliper with matching hardware all included. This complete package reduces the risk of leaks, uneven brake pad wear, and many other potential problems.

Caliper hardware and piston seals do not last forever, and once a leak starts to develop, the caliper needs to be replaced or rebuilt. Brake fluid leaking from the caliper can contaminate the brake pads reducing performance or can even lead to a loss of hydraulic pressure that may cause the brakes to completely fail.

Internal rust can cause the caliper pistons to become sticky, jam, or even lock up. External corrosion of the bushings or slides can also become a problem by preventing normal movement resulting in uneven braking, dragging or pulling.

Attempting to rebuild an old caliper can be a messy and difficult job if not impossible if the old calipers pistons are stuck or badly corroded. After all the trouble of disassembling and replacing the seals and boots, the calipers may still leak if the caliper bore is corroded or damaged. Loaded calipers also reduce the chances of improperly fitting shims or clips. Everything that needs to be replaced is included!

Whenever a new caliper is installed the brake lines should be flushed and refilled with clean brake fluid. Caliper slides and bushings should also be lubricated with brake grease. All related brake components including brake rotors, brake lines, wheel cylinders, and the master cylinder should be inspected to be in good condition. Both calipers should be replaced at the same time on both sides of the vehicle, otherwise the mismatch of friction could cause uneven braking.

When returning the brake caliper cores, please make sure that everything is included. If the new calipers included brackets, be sure to include the old brackets with the core. Rear brake calipers also include parking brake hardware on some vehicles. In the case of excessive corrosion, surface pitting, damaged threads, or other unreasonable damages, the amount of money for the core return may be reduced or rejected in extreme cases.
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