Adjusting Parking Brake
Follow your manufacturers instructions as these are general guidelines and not a complete how-to. Because of the wide variety of different e-brake setups, use this as a guide, and not a comprehensive step-by-step instructional.
It's recommended to change your e-brake at 75,000 miles or at least adjust it every 2 years, depending on how often you use it. If you're e-brake feels loose, it's usually the wires that simply need to be re-adjusted.

Adjusting Parking Brake

Most mechanical e-brakes are activated using thin steel cables that run from your e-brake handle, down to your brake mechanism. Over time, these cables develop slack and need to be re-adjusted. This is as simple as removing your center console or e-brake boot and locating the steel cables. Most of the time, it's a pair of steel cables that connect to the rear rotors.

There are two parts to the process. One is the jam nut which secures and tightens the steel cables in place. You want to loosen the jam nut so the steel cable moves freely. Next, locate the adjusting mechanism that tightens and loosens the slack of the steel wires. Usually if your e-brake handle feels loose and doesn't feel like it's grabbing, you want to tighten it.

In other cases, the e-brake can feel like it's overtightened. This usually results in a very heavy e-brake handle that only allows 1-2 clicks before it's engaged. Usually you want around 3-4 clicks as the brake resistances ramps up with the amount of clicks. Check with the manufacturer for recommended e-brake clicks and adjust to that.

After it's adjusted to your specification, tighten the jam nut to secure the new adjustment in place.
Make sure to rotate the rear wheels in the air freely to ensure that the e-brake isn't binding with the rotors with the e-brake lever fully released. Also make sure that the e-brake is functioning correctly by applying the e-brake and making sure the brake is holding the vehicle properly.

When to replace parking brake

Cars with over 150,000 miles or older than 10 years usually need their parking brake shoes replaced. If your parking brake is not holding your vehicle properly, check with our selection of parking brake shoes.
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