Caliper Core Return Guidelines

To receive full Caliper Core credit, the Caliper you are sending back must be in re-buildable condition and complete along with the Caliper Core Return Form. The Caliper Core Return Form must be filled out properly with your name, date, and order number. Include in each box and send it back with your old Core within 7 days to the address shown for a cash value. IMPORTANT, make sure to drain all fluids from Caliper Cores before shipping.  No core credit will be issued, if the form is not included or if any of the conditions below exist.
  • Damage to the caliper body including threaded ports, bleeder screws, piston bores, and slide pin holes.
  • Missing mounting brackets, parking brake levers, cable guides, and springs.
  • Damaged, bent, broken, scarred or cracked caliper bodies and brackets.
  • Mounting and inlet threads stripped or frozen bolts.
  • Excessive rust, corrosion or modified bleeders.
  • Damaged, or missing components.

Broken Bleeder Screw

Mounting Threads Stripped

Inlet Threads Stripped

Excessive Rust

Damaged Piston Bore

Scarred By Rotor

Scarred By Wheel

Cracked Casting

Broken Tabs

Broken Pin Holes

Modified Bleeders

Cracked Bracket

Frozen Bolts

Broken Casting

Bent Bracket

Broken Bracket

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